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Bespoke Luxury Tailoring | Creating a Masterpiece that Defines You

Introducing bespoke tailoring from the legacy house of Sanjay Stores, where craftsmanship meets opulence. Our exclusive custom tailoring service is designed for important individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether it’s a bespoke suit, an elegant coat, or a sophisticated bandhgala, we bring your sartorial dreams to life.

Why Choose Our Custom Tailoring?


Our collection goes way beyond our stores, unleashing your faishon imagination. We are the pioneers in craftsmanship, and when it comes to your perfect fit and style, we make no compromises on quality. Describe your choice and see it coming to life.


We understand you, and we respect your choice. Right from the first sew, till the hem of the cloth, our garments are made to give you the experience of the touch and feel of a perfectly tailored garment. The distinguished stitching is what makes us masters in our niche.


Our classic craftsmanship is interpreted into modern style of Jackets with top-notch Fashion and Classic linings, all embellished with Corozo Buttons. With the epitome of fashion as our benchmark, our trousers are crafted for comfort & style. An extendable hook (first time in custom tailoring), superior quality waistband and a knee lining for a good drape, gives you a perfect bespoke feel. Bending technology to suit us best, we have crafted our shirts for optimal comfort and class, as it needs to serve you just right. Deo Tags are an additional feature that can be availed at an additional price for both Jacket & Trousers.


Sewn to sheer perfection. We present to you a wondrous collection of shirts, suits, trousers and much more for you to choose from. Our collection has been handpicked by some of the most elite designers to befit all your occasions and celebrations.

Custom Tailoring Process/ How it Works?

A Step-by-step Guide to Creating Beautiful Customised Garments.

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Our Rich Fabric Collection

Our fabrics are curated from mills in both Britain and Italy. We choose only the most exciting, quality fabrics available. This ensures that not only will your suits look top of the range, they will also be eye-catching and show a certain flair.

Craft Your Own Look

Wide array of choices to proffer you the outfit that matches your taste and personality. 

Barrel Cuffs: 

  • Ideal for both formal and casual shirts.
  • Comes in single and double-button styles.

French Cuffs:

  • Elegant and sophisticated, ideal for formal occasions.
  • Requires cufflinks for closure.

Convertible Cuffs:

  • Can be buttoned like a barrel cuff or worn like a French cuff.
  • Perfect for those who want versatility in their wardrobe.
  • Plastic: Can choose from multiple colors and patterns 
  • Mother-of-Pearl: Gives an elegant finish
  • Metal: Strong and stylish, perfect for adding a modern edge

Spread Collar:

  • Modern and stylish, works well with wider tie knots.

Button-Down Collar:

  • Casual yet polished, perfect for less formal settings.

Mandarin Collar:

  • Minimalist and contemporary, ideal for a unique look.


  • Visible stitching along the edges, adds durability and a casual touch.

Blind Stitching:

  • Invisible stitching for a clean and formal appearance.


  • Chest Pockets: Choose from single or double chest pockets, with or without flaps.
  • Side Pockets: Various styles to fit your taste.
  • Box Pockets: Visible pockets stitched from outside 


  • Notch Lapels: Classic and versatile, commonly used in suits.
  • Peak Lapels: Bold and formal, ideal for making a statement.
  • Shawl Lapels: Smooth and rounded, perfect for tuxedos and formal wear.


  • Single Pleat: Adds comfort and room to trousers.
  • Double Pleats: Provides extra space and a traditional look.

Monograms and Embroidery:

  • Personalize your garment with initials, names, or custom designs.

Sanjay Textile store

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Custom Tailoring!

What is customise tailoring about?

Custom tailoring refers to clothing made to an individual's specific measurements and preferences.

Why choose custom tailoring over off-the-rack clothing?

Custom tailoring offers a better fit, personalized style options, higher quality materials, and craftsmanship. It allows for adjustments to specific body measurements and preferences, ensuring a more comfortable and flattering garment.

Who can avail this service?

Anybody and everybody, irrespective of whether you've been a Blackberrys customer in the past or not.

What garments do you customise?

The fit experts at Sanjay Textile store will refit or customise your shirts, trousers, blazers, and suits irrespective of the brand.

How long does the measuring process take?

The measuring process typically takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the garment and the number of measurements required.

How do I get measured for custom tailoring?

Fill in your details and book a slot at your nearest Sanjay Textile Store to flaunt the perfect fit.

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